Friday, October 22, 2010

Workflow setup error on Event Log name

Here is a new one for me…
I was setting up workflow at a client and it finished with error, (that parts not new). The new part was the following message in the log…
            An error occurred during setup of Workflow.
Reason: Only the first eight characters of a custom
log name are significant, and there is already another
log on the system using the first eight characters of the name
given. Name given: ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX Workflow',
name of existing log: 'Microsoft-Windows-EventCollector/Operational'.
Workflow was left in a partially installed state.

Odd because the first 8 characters of the log name are in the word Microsoft and there are already two other event logs starting with the name Microsoft.

Some searching with the old internet took me to the following post…

They offer a good description to the why and how to get around the issue by renaming the exisiting logs in the registry while you run the setup.  Below are screen shots of the Registry entries, as always ensure you know what your doing if you go into the registry and make appropriate backups …


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